Specteral Sword

Specteral Sword
Monster Type:
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Specteral Swords are often found around tombs of unknown soldiers or on battlefields lost to the memories of the people. They are fierce opponents who seek to continue their last moments often striking at the strongest heroes relentlessly. However be it know that the safest way to survive a battle with one is to run. While the weapons can move a considerable distance to engage an aggressor they typically remain close to the soul’s final resting place. Typically they have the accumulated wisdom and skill of a great warrior. They use this to strike at their foes strengths and bring them down to size. Due to the fact that are animated weapons it is very difficult to fight them due to their immense strengths as a relic weapon and while they are commonly referred to as “swords” they can be any relic weapon and their attacks are. Every Specteral Sword is An actual relic weapon and usually a rare or unique S grade one as well. Many Believe the Loyalty Runes cause the occurrence of a Specteral Weapon when it master dies in combat but the truth is no one knows.
Name: Specteral Sword
Type: Skill: 5
HP/AP: 250/250 Moxie: 8
AC: 12 Move: 8 x 5
Def: 50 Str: 15
Zen: 6 Ki: 5
Resist: Weak:
Unique Abilities

- S grade Relic Weapon and Abilities

Regen 10% Hp per round

Immune to Break

Immune to Status Effects

Boon/Curse5 Aura 5mD

Main Attack 

3d10+60(DS) OR +100 (Cleave) + C.Q.C.

Critical Blow 

Keen +10 x2 Damage +2 Minor injuries + C.Q.C. Op3

Sundering Blow 

Break Target 1d4+4 + C.Q.C. Op3

Soul Blade 

+50 Damage 5 Targets, Costs 1 Fatigue Protection - Spatial - Divination

Possession (OPE) 

Gains Access to targets abilities, Will 5 to break, May only ‘successfully' use OPE


Curse Target, May be activated Op5

RewardsRankSpecial Alchemic Items

S+ Grade Relic Weapon