Tanzer Cat

Tanzer Cat

Physical Traits

The Tanzer Cat has 2 forms, the Fuzz form and the Hellcat form. The Tanzer Cat is a large house cat when in its Fuzz form. They top in at 15-25 pounds and are 15 to 20 inches tall at the shoulder. They do most of their adventuring and exploring in this form. This form typically has the coat of a jungle cat, but it can be in many color combinations.

The Hellcat form is a creature of nightmares. They stand between 8 and 12 feet tall at the shoulder and tip the scales between 1200 to 1800 pounds. This monstrous form has bat-like wings coated in thick fur and a zebra-like mane. Both the wings and mane are in the color of their element. It’s shape resembles a large, powerful tiger.

The ability to consume and fuse with a weapon and an armor serves them well. The weapon qualities and effect are visibly brought to bare in it claws and teeth. Its coat, while soft and vibrant, gains the strength of armor. It’s notable that by a simple slight-of-paw, they can collect items and place them in their armor’s pocket. This is handy, due to their lack of thumbs: a handicap their siblings do not share. These Items can be spit back out for forge work or changing equipment.

A Tanzer Cat is…

…luckily, rare compared to normal cats in the universe. This is lucky because the Tanzer Cat is a greatly feared creature but due to being so rare most people are unaware when they are around one of them. Often Tanzer Cats are thought to be just stories to scar children.

The Tanzer Cat, while deviously intelligent and playful, is still a cat. They are prone to random psychotic episodes and get bored easily. Most prefer to stick to the Fuzz form not only because of its ease of travel, but also because people mistake them as normal cats, often them giving gifts and attention.

Their lack of any great cause outside of their own agenda usually keeps them in the background. They are generally lazy, so they really don’t mind this.

A Tanzer cat never welches on a bet or on a debt. They tend to be very honorable, and like to be distinguished as well. This comes from an abundance of pride.

Despite the tenuous history of cats and mice, the Tanzers do not eat each other. Most Tanzer Cats wouldn’t think of chasing a Tanzer Mouse outside of their sibling, or perhaps a close friend. This only applies to “Tanzer” Mice!

Ultimately, the Cats are very dangerous,but also lazy and aloof. Treat all cats with class and taste, and you should never run afoul of the Tanzer Cat in disguise. But most of all- DONT PANIC! They love to chase small panicked creatures.

Elemental Soul

Full resist and spirit skill for their elemental alignment

Beast of Burden

The Tanzer Cat can swallow a Relic weapon and armor and gain their powers. Additionally, this power works with artifacts. Items consumed are fused, similar to Protogear.

Vorpal Diet

The tooth and nail of the the cat tend to ignore Ap. They gain 50% Piercing on any bite or claw attack because it shreds the armor.

Solar Battery

Due to the abnormal time it spends in the sun, its spirit attacks have extra power. They gain +20 damage on Ki attacks.