First, there is the Gottheed Machina. Deep within Avelon the Gottheed territory, you will find large, technologically advanced cities, run by administration and protected by a well developed (well funded) police force. The more centralized of the cities within their space are built to keep harmony with the natural wildlife. These cities are clean, orderly, and safe.

The people that inhabit these cities care little about tourists and visitors on the whole. The primary constituent of their population is a race known as the Genome: humans genetically modified to suit the capabilities they would need to survive in this universe. Having come far from their creation, their adaptivity led to an explosive growth of their population, resulting in the race becoming the largest in the universe. These people live in tandem with the high level of technology that runs their cities, communicating with it as if they were communicating with one another.

The Gottheed Machina police force is known universe wide for its efficiency in deployment of technology to sustain order within their space. Accordingly, survival here is dependent on obeying laws and the orders of the police. (I must add here my greatest piece of advice for dealing with the Gottheed. If you ever hear the phrase “Cooperation is the first step to innocence,” freeze and do as the officer says. The Gottheed Police Force will spare no ammunition in dealing with threats to their order. Do not flee. (The penalties for running from an officer are far steeper than any other course of action.) The people of Gottheed space tend appreciate the level of security in daily life that the police force provides for them, yet they also take it for granted. This, of course, means that they most likely will not have a problem with you, visitor, until the police force has a problem with you.