At their core, the inhabitants of Midgard are tribal warriors. They live for the hunt, though exploration and adventuring come a close second, and measure their worth by their trophies. The nature of their space stems from their conservation efforts- cities live in harmony with the nature around them, and populations never reach the point where the land can no longer sustain them. They find a simple balance between nature and technology by not letting themselves become dependent on the latter.

The Gear are primarily a hunter-gatherer society, and are steadfast in their duties to their tribes. They have only recently come together in strong enough numbers to found cities. Even in their oldest cities, however, you won’t find skyscrapers and mega-malls, but old world lodges, bazaars, and homes. Technology in these cities is sufficiently advanced, though practically invisible, as the Gear refuse to let it hinder their daily lives in any way. Their architecture caters to creatures of all sizes, as it is not uncommon see the Gear living their day to day lives in their dragon forms.

Despite running these small yet busy cities, the priority still remains with the hunt, and the highest ranked members of their society are still their strongest and most skilled hunters. Outside of their duties, you will find the Gear to be generally friendly and jovial. They are fond of food and drink, quick to make friends, but slow to forgive when they are crossed. They generally favor Forgesmithing and Artifacing, leaving little room in their cities’ layouts for shops that cater to Engineering and Alchemy. Despite their outwardly friendly appearances, the Gear are still very careful about who they deal with. It is important to make a good first impression on any member of this society, honored hunter or not, as a bad impression may leave you ignored, disliked, or worse- the victim of Gear hijinks.