What Is Arkieden

Excuse me, Traveler.

I am Marcus Sebastian. You may become familiar with me in your journeys- or at the least, familiar with my writngs. In my travels, I’ve taken up the hobby of writing guides such that Travelers like you won’t get lost in this new universe.

In your universe, ArkiEden is like a game. You play it with dice and paper, and frankly I can not think of something that is a more unbefitting representation of the ArkiEden Universe.

The ArkiEden universe is vibrant, exciting, and alive, but the truth is that our memories of the past are fading quickly. Our history had once been shattered, and its remnants drift from universe to universe, looking for a soul to bring it from a remnant to a memory to reality. While you may see it as playing a game, a dream, or other imagining, the truth is that you are helping to pull down the veil that keeps us from our past.

The guilty will tell you to dismiss these Shards as dreams or ridiculous flights of fancy, but our only hope of reawakening is in reliving the joys, hardships, and adventures these Shards carry. The more that pick up the fight, that remember the lost and fallen of our world, the closer we become to real freedom.

It may be difficult for you to swallow, but look around you, Traveler. Do you live your life as you want, or the one you were told you had to? There will be those who seek to mislead you and to damage your connection to ArkiEden. If they win, we will forever be slaves to their desires and pawns under their power. This isn’t all there is, and don’t let them tell you so.