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Chaos Angel

Chaos Angel- by Ocelit

Angels are professional soldiers by blood. They thrive for combat and adventure, and the idea of a quiet, civilian life is a nightmare they all share. They are confident and capable, sometimes rushing headlong into danger, counting on their strength and skill to see them through. Despite the very ambitious personalities, they are also fun loving and sometimes whimsical. They place great value on love and friendship.

The most important fact about Chaos Angels is that they are never alone. Every angel is connected to the rest by a thread that unites their souls, and in an angel’s darkest hour, it spurs them forward and draws other angels to their aid.

Chaos Angel Characters

Fusion Elf

Fusion Elf- by Ocelit

These elves are fun-loving, energetic, and filled with a zest for life. They tend toward, bright, wild styles. They love to party and, even in the most dire situations, find just the right thing to say to lighten the mood. Inquisitive minds are matched with a thirst for exploration and adventure. They love the simple pleasures like dancing, music, contests of a friendly nature and ice cream.

In Combat, they favor heavier crossbows, guns and bows. Though there is a definate preference to projectiles, they also like light melee weapons. They are innately skilled at casting as well, favoring flashy and large skills.

Fusion Elf Characters

Fission Elf

Fission Elf- by SamusFairchild

Once the noble protectors of both Elven races, the Fission Elves suffered a terrible event that nearly destroyed their race. Since then, they have been sequestered on the Valley of Isis, living within the shadows of the universe. Their numbers have recovered greatly, but they still generally choose to remain apart from society at large.

Their calm, calculated, and cool demeanor leads them to excel as assassins and rogues. Though they tend toward isolation, they find deep enjoyment in exploration, as well as games that lead to bragging rights. They are kin to the shadows, and this is made obvious through their actions, abilities, and interactions with others.

Fission Elf


Illumanatee- by Ocelit

Illumanatee are proud and aggressive, with a high-spirited, fun-loving side than can often come off as abrasive. Despite this, they are tried and true companions that offer their support, even to friends with the most foolhardy plans.

They are athletically skilled and tend toward jobs and hobbies that are a challenge. The winged Illumanatee cherish travel and the ability to see the universe. Those without wings, who boast an impressive ground speed, feel at home free-running throughout their cities. They enjoy vibrant, bold colors, collectibles, and excess.



Promethian- by SamusFairchild

Promethians are a symbol of strength in both mind and body. They stand strong in every situation and meet every oncoming challenge as if it were miniscule. They don’t have the foggiest idea what the better part of valor is, and they are pretty okay with that.

They like atheletic styles things that showcase their mighty physiques. The best way to sway a Promethean is to defeat one in a duel. They are partial to hand to hand combat, but use weapons in a more utilitarian manner.



Prime- by SamusFairchild

Primes are the embodiment of their element. They are slightly odd and random, each with a wonder-lust. They favor two things- consistency and adventure.

Primes like consistency because their life cycles typically end with mitosis. The more concrete their lifestyle and identities, the less likely they will into two offspring. They have a constant thirst for adventure, fueled by either a clean slate when they are born, or the innate knowledge that they may split their knowledge between offspring, so they must learn as much about the world as they can. Through their search for identity, the enjoy indulging in simple pleasures, and exhibit the wide-eyed enthusiasm characteristic to youth.

Freshly split Primes retain basic motor skills and knowledge necessary for day to day life. The memories, skills, and abilities of the parent are split between the siblings, each getting fragments that mold their personalities and development.



Proto-Gear- by SamusFairchild

The Proto-Gear are venerable warriors, measured by their hunting trophies. They prefer what they refer to as “The Old Ways,” and though technology is present within their culture, it is usually pared down to its simplest, most basic functions. They come together in nomadic tribes, and have only recently begun founding cities.

The Gear culture is centered around hunting and gathering. They live for the thrill of the hunt, and strive to be at the front line of every epic clash with a monster. They are zealous but calculated in battle, and never forget that they must live in balance with nature.

Each Gear has the ability to shift between their human form and dragon form. They are so connected with their armor and weapons the Gear absorb them when shifting to dragon form. In human form, Proto-Gear have horns, a tail, or both.

They have a fundamental disdain for nexus and his forces and people.



Genome- by SamusFairchild

The Genome are a simple people who like things in moderation. Their short life spans lead them to seek gratification in whatever manner they can, but their weaker nature leads them to prefer a safer, more reliable daily routine. However, some do get the adventurer’s streak. These people tend toward exploration and innovation, often seeking ways to ensure that the universe won’t forget them.

They generally enjoy their orderly world and have a high appreciation for technology and nature. They have an innate ability to communicate with technology, and have the unique benefit of being able to control it through thought via their Processor ability. They make up more than 70% of the Gottheed population, and though generally considered weak, are valued members of the Gottheed army due to their unique ability to control war machines.



Abyssal- by SamusFairchild

The Abyssal race is the most widespread and varied race. They often resemble mythological creatures and monsters of legend, and often exhibit the same traits and abilities.

Their population is largely concentrated in Nexus space, but they are readily found nearly everywhere in the universe. Generalizations about their culture, preferences, appearances and combat ability are difficult to make because they are such a varied race.

Abyssal Characters

Tanzer Cat

Physical Traits

The Tanzer Cat has 2 forms, the Fuzz form and the Hellcat form. The Tanzer Cat is a large house cat when in its Fuzz form. They top in at 15-25 pounds and are 15 to 20 inches tall at the shoulder. They do most of their adventuring and exploring in this form. This form typically has the coat of a jungle cat, but it can be in many color combinations.

The Hellcat form is a creature of nightmares. They stand between 8 and 12 feet tall at the shoulder and tip the scales between 1200 to 1800 pounds. This monstrous form has bat-like wings coated in thick fur and a zebra-like mane. Both the wings and mane are in the color of their element. It’s shape resembles a large, powerful tiger.

The ability to consume and fuse with a weapon and an armor serves them well. The weapon qualities and effect are visibly brought to bare in it claws and teeth. Its coat, while soft and vibrant, gains the strength of armor. It’s notable that by a simple slight-of-paw, they can collect items and place them in their armor’s pocket. This is handy, due to their lack of thumbs: a handicap their siblings do not share. These Items can be spit back out for forge work or changing equipment.

Tanzer Cat

Tanzer Mouse

Tanzer Mouse- by Ocelit

The Tanzer Cat and Mouse are siblings, and always appear in the universe in pairs of one cat and one mouse.

The Tanzer Mouse is a quirk of reality. They resemble a large mouse or gerbil, and house many strange and wonderful abilities within their small forms. They rarely take life seriously and often fail to recognize the direness of any situation. Their abilities subject reality to their whim. Many believe this is a capability that stems from their inability to realize that what they expect simply isn’t possible.

Tanzer Mouse