Arkieden Universe


Arkieden is a flexible and powerful table-top roleplaying game system built to let you be and do whatever your imagination desires. It’s designed to break through the limitations of other systems while providing a well-balanced, content rich world to explore or build upon.

Arkieden offers an open world with balanced rules that focus on allowing creative freedom instead of just preserving the setting. The Arkieden(GM) is allowed and encouraged to integrate their own unique world and story atop the Universe, and is also invited to explore the deep-running story lines at the Arkieden’s core.

  • Customize. Seriously everything is customizable. There are existing skills and abilities but each can be customized to make it fit your character design. Additionally there is a system that uses the core stats to flesh out original powers from the player’s imagination. This allows for unique personalized powers that are balanced by level and from player to player by the core game system.
  • Combat systems focus on giving hero a “hands-on-feeling” to their action. This is accomplished by simple systems that mimic real physical interaction, some of which include active d20 defense (instead of AC) and a wealth of tactical actions that have a varied effect on your opponents. This backed by a strong emphasis on rewarding actions. with logical reactions, helps immerse players.
  • Mechanics exists in the system to help role play your way out of skill roles. No longer do you have to hedge your bets on a die roll going in your favor to do something your supposed to be a master at. While you can often Role Play your way out of rolling for specialized skills you cant always and so Arkieden uses a low volume D10 based skill system, in which your success is measured in degrees not in a simple pass/fail.
  • System mechanics that can easily be repurposed to craft numerous “Game Modes” for different play experiences. In future updates you can look forward to madness, political systems and Siege Mechanics.
  • Every Hero can be unique. Part of our “Build it your way” character gene includes a hand full of special abilities that under system rules the player creates for the hero. These give each hero a unique core which is supported by the stats you select and buy as you level up.
  • A growing universe rich in lore, magic and technology. Additionally, Free content as it becomes available and source books and campaign modules to come.
  • One Book contains all you need to play the game, and it is simple and easy to learn or teach others.
  • Arkieden is a supported system. If you feel like its missing something or has a balance issue drop us a line and we’ll address it for you and when possible make sure its taken care of moving forward.