Knights of the Order


To understand the people of the Knights of the Order and their territory, Magnus, it is best to understand the authority figures that run it. The people in power here are concerned, as it seems from the outside, primarily with keeping that power unquestioned, but in reality, they are concerned with enforcing what they see as the “greatest right.” They oversee their space with an iron fist, demand unquestioned loyalty, and are quick to act on any threats to their order. Enlistment in their army is mandatory (for the majority of the populace) upon a citizen reaching a certain age, and training offered within their military forces emphasize unquestioned obedience, loyalty, and, if necessary, sacrifice.

It is this attitude toward order that leads the people of Knights of the Order space to be suspicious, highly bigoted and very xenophobic (the fear or dislike of outsiders). There is a large variety of races that inhabit this area, but the primary component of their population are the Illumanatee. It is within the nature of these half-demons to be brash and abrasive to people they don’t know, but if you are lucky enough to gain the trust of one of them, or anyone in Knights space for that matter, you will find them to be an oasis in what is otherwise a desert. Do not take their level trust or loyalty lightly, as they will expect the same level from you.

Strangers are not often welcomed with open arms, but thereare still cities within Knights of the Order space where tourism is a thriving industry. Don’t expect to be greeted with open arms, but these places are far more accepting than would be the average Knights city. The cities in this space may resemble something you would be quite used to, visitor, as you will often see the rampant advance of development without concern for the ecology of the land they occupy. This abandon combined with fervent loyalty and self-righteousness, however, does lend itself to some of the most stunning architecture you will see in this universe.