Nexus space, Niefliheim, boasts the densest concentration of the largest component of the universe’s population- the Abyssal race. Though home to some of the most spectacular tourist destinations in the universe, the underlying industries that support these often extravagant economies leave much morality to be desired.

It is hard to generalize on any trait about this race, as its membership is made up of nearly every type of demon or monster that haunts dreams and nightmares. This, of course, lends itself to a great deal of diversity from island to island, and indeed, within each island itself. However, their generally unscrupulous nature warrants an air of caution when visiting any Nexus island, including those with a notable tourism industry.

The Nexus tourism industry was established on the exotic landscapes and architecture that developed due to the highly demonic influence that pervades Nexus space. In the deeper areas, “nature” often integrates with architecture to lead to living structures that grow, change, and even heal themselves if damaged. Less developed areas thrive on an “old world” feel, featuring everything from castles and bazaars to dense forests and areas of limited to no technology.

As a visitor, one must remain weary in any part of Nexus space. Slave trade is a thriving industry, and the profits from it are enough that even Overlord Nexus himself, turns a blind, though disapproving, eye. This industry has caused a very clear caste system to develop on each island, with families of the lower castes often falling victim to the trade, to the profit of those in the higher castes. It is always advised that visitors remain detached from the inner, everyday working of the Nexus islands, lest they become victims themselves.

Though don’t let me discourage you, they are at heart entrepreneurs. They Like money and business, so as long as you play it safe you will be too. This space is also a safe place to go if you want to be left alone in the universe.